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We are confident with the support of our valued clients and the Parkland team. We will be trendsetters in providing high-quality buildings in the DRC and remain at your service.
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Kamran Azmi, CEO of PARKLAND


About us
Founded in 1986 as a real estate management company by Groupe Rawji, Parkland has over three decades of experience in property management and maintenance of high-quality projects in the DRC. In 2017, Parkland strategically entered the construction sector, intending to provide the city of Kinshasa with reliable, high-quality, and competitive services.
Our Products & Services
We produce high-quality ready-mix concrete and bricks per international standards and building codes. We offer our customers access to our laboratory to verify the quality and strength of our product, as well as transport the materials to clients' desired locations.
Our Projects
Parkland has executed the renovation and redevelopment of villas in Gombe. This involves structural and finishing work, plumbing, HVAC, masonry, paintwork, aluminum, and woodwork.