About us
Founded in 1986 as a real estate management company by Groupe Rawji, Parkland has over three decades of experience in property management and maintenance of high-quality projects in the DRC. In 2017, Parkland strategically entered the construction sector, intending to provide the city of Kinshasa with reliable, high-quality, and competitive services.

Our Mission

We aim to partner with our clients to imagine, execute, and realize our clients’ visions.

Our Values

  • High standards: Accomplishing the highest standard in workmanship
  • Quality: Using building materials of international repute & standards
  • Professionalism: Complying with completion deadlines
  • Partnership: Committed to building long-lasting relationships and each others’ success
  • Safety: Ensure the health & safety of the workers and staff at our sites
  • Sustainability: Protecting and safeguarding the environment through environmentally-conscious practices

A Word from our CEO

Since its inception, Parkland has actively engaged in the DRC’s real estate, construction, and associated businesses. Having land located in prime areas of Kinshasa and other cities of the DRC but met with the challenge of finding capable and experienced contractors to carry out high-end projects within the stipulated timelines and budgets, Parkland made the monumental decision to enter the construction sector in 2017. By developing in-house capabilities with the most efficient human and material resources to change the DRC’s construction vision, Parkland aims to be a leader in the construction, property development, and maintenance sectors.

We are proud to have developed a strong team of experienced engineers & architects in various construction disciplines, such as gray structures, architectural, civil, and MEP fit-out works. Most of our Expat Technical staff have worked for many years in the UAE and Qatar, maintaining the highest construction standards for our projects and conducting on-job extensive training sessions for locals as part of our social sector development program.

In addition, our self-reliance in all construction segments, like the production of ready mix concrete, brick manufacturing, and the establishment of in-house teams of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC workers, has given us an edge over our competitors in DRC.   

We are confident with the support of our valued clients and the Parkland team we will be trendsetters in providing high-quality buildings in the DRC and remain at your service

Nous Construisons Votre Satisfaction

– Kamran Azmi, M.Sc. Civil Engineer