Our Products


We produce high-quality ready-mix concrete and bricks per international safety standards. We offer our customers access to our laboratory to verify the quality and strength of our product, as well as transportation of the materials to clients’ desired locations.

1. Ready-Mix Concrete: All of our machinery and lab equipment are periodically calibrated by authorized agencies. Our concrete mix design and Concrete Cubes for Strength Tests are regularly vetted by third parties to ensure maximum quality.

  • Our equipment and facilities include:
    • Batching Plant (60 m3/hr) 
    • Batching Plant (45 m3/hr) 
    • Transit Mixers (10-12 m3) 
    • Concrete Mobile Pump (60 m length Boom)
    • Concrete Mobile Pump (40 m length Boom).
    • Stationary Concrete Mobile Pump 
    • Cement Silo (100 tons per bulker) 
    • Cement Bulkers (50 tons per bulker)

2.   Block, Pavers & Kerb Stone:

  • We have a daily production capacity of 8000 blocks per day on our state of the art full automatic brick making machine.

Our Services


We have offer a wide range of services real estate, construction, property management & maintenance.

1. Real Estate: With land located in strategic locations in Kinshasa – we rent out warehouses, offices, and apartments in Gombe, as well as warehouses and open spaces in Kingabwa.

2. Construction:

  • Buildings: We execute residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects and we provide the following services:
    • Structural & Finishing Works
    • Rehabilitation & Renovation Works
    • Turn-key projects
    • HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Electrical and Mechanical works with our specialized in-house teams.
  • Infrastructure Work:
    • Development of roads, water evacuation mechanisms, and parking lots.
  • Pre-engineered building (PEB)/Steel Structure Works:
    • Development of warehouses, sheds, and workshops with metallic structures for cost-saving in design, manufacturing, and development.

3. Property Management & Maintenance:

  • We provide facility management and maintenance services to our clients through a wide range of services:
    • Air conditioning maintenance
    • Plumbing
    • Painting
    • Carpentry
    • Waterproofing
    • General repair and maintenance for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.